Audio Assignment

As cliché as it may sound, this project was a true learning experience. I'd worked with a DSLR twice before, but never in as challenging an environment as a boathouse. Audacity was more of a funny synonym for "boldness" than an open-source audio editing program, and our interview took place in a less-than-ideal environment. Despite my inexperience, though, I think this story came together nicely, broadening my experience across a number of media forms.

This piece was originally created for Professor Herbert Lowe's Digital Storytelling course.

 Alejandro José López

Alejandro José López

Omar Amer: For love of the game

Omar Amer, 21, didn't have any expectations when his cousin suggested he try rowing.  He was confused. Intrigued, even. "I didn't fit in any sport," he said. "I tried karate, kung fu, swimming, basketball, everything; but I didn't find myself."

Crew, however, proved a perfect fit for the Cairo native. Since first strapping into a racing shell, Amer has represented Egypt at some of the sport's biggest regattas. With no coaching help in his adopted home of Sofia, Bulgaria, he trains alone, working to get faster and compete harder.

Rowing has become his life; and he’s doing all he can to live it to the fullest.