Capstone Project

When I sat down next to my fellow classmates for a Capstone Project meeting in the fall of 2017, I didn't really know what was going on. In truth, I was clueless: I had to pitch a concept to a team of program advisors, and had barely given my idea any thought.

Thankfully, Tori Rubloff had. And I thought her idea was the most fascinating of all. 

Tori, Lindsey Lutz and I spent the next half-year working on what would go on to be known as The Fate of Faith in America project. We interviewed rabbis, priests, imams and secularists; spoke with millennials from across the religious spectrum; and wrote, shot, filmed and willed this thing into existence, all in the hopes of painting a clearer picture of — well — the fate of faith in America.

What started as the final requirement for our graduate program — the most intensive assignment any of us had ever ventured — turned into something more. And I think it's safe to say that this is easily our most proud accomplishment from our year together at the University of Florida.

We learned some pretty remarkable things while working on this. We think you could, too.

To view our project in its entirety, follow this link.

Lindsey Lutz / Fate of Faith in America

Lindsey Lutz / Fate of Faith in America